We are introducing a brand new program – LIFE ESSENTIALS!
God is inviting us to live a sane, stable and spiritual life. However, because of our own brokenness, we experience obstacles to living that life. It is essential that we discover and address these obstacles. Doing so requires the right tools. Life Essentials will introduce you to the process of discovery and the tools required to address the brokenness of your life. This program will enable you to gain the understanding of what it takes to grow in your emotional maturity as well as your spiritual maturity.
Life Essentials will be separate classes for men and women
and will be offered in 3 12-week modules.
Each class will be 3 hours.
God is always inviting us to grow in maturity to become the men
and women He has made us to be. Please come to an introductory
seminar to learn what tools you may be missing.


Introductory Seminar in Boca for the Boca Class

Thursday January 17  6:30 to 8:30 pm


Above & Beyond Community Church   7500 E Country Club Blvd   Boca Raton, FL 33487

All introductory seminars are free of charge.