Learning How To Live The Christian Life Effectively

When we see Jesus as Christians all that will matter to us is how well we have lived the Christian life. To what extent were we filled with the Holy Spirit and bear the fruit of the Spirit in our daily lives. Practically, to what extent did we have an impact on the people that are in our lives and the culture in which we live?

It is hard for us to see things that way today. Our needs to survive and thrive financially, our personal peace, happiness, and the dynamics of human relationships from which we seek to gain significance and acceptance, cloud out the idea of living a consistent faithful life for Christ. There are many conflictions in our hearts and lives.

Dr. Norman Wise will make clear in a practical and sound theological manner the process by which we can more and more become like Christ Jesus moment by moment. He will set forth in ways that can be applied how to live a life of consistent faith. This information is vital for every sincere believer in Christ Jesus.

Come to this time of transformation seeking to move forward in how well you succeed at living a consistent Christian life of faith, love, and hope.

The seminar is free but there will be a love offering taken at the end.

Please call to reserve your seat and FREE Notes at 954-726-2302