This is a free “Learning How” seminar!

In the end we all want to succeed at life.

But how do we succeed at life. Many wrongly define success only to achieve their goals ending up at the end of their lives with a hollow recognition that they have lived their lives in vain. Others invest their lives in things that are ultimately outside their control. Their feeling of success is fragile and can come and go. They are never at peace but always in fear of losing what they have. Their “success” can be taken from them at any moment because it was never under their control.

The only definition of success that allows our success to be under our control is one where we focus is on what we do, say, and our attitudes. To the extent that what our words, actions, and emotional state are sane, stable, and spiritual, then we are successful.

Dr. Norman Wise, author of Succeeding At Life , will outline in this two hour seminar the process of making peace with our past, learning to live in the present effectively, and developing a preferred future. This seminar will in a practical way provide tools that if applied can lead to beginning to develop a lifestyle that will allow us to truly succeed at life from God’s point of view.

Register for this free seminar by calling 954-452-4407 and get a free copy of my book Succeeding At Life . This is the book that I wrote on this topic and will reinforce the teaching of the seminar. This book normally sells for $10.

The seminar is free. There will be a free will offering taken to help us in covering our expenses as a ministry.