Henry Ford said “Most people spend more time and energy going around problems than in trying to solve them.”

Everyone has problems. These problems can be practical, financial, relational, emotional, and spiritual.

Most of us don’t have a well thought out process of how we will look to a solution to our problems. Our problem solving is normally not systematic, organized, intentional, prayerful, or logical. We just attack the problem without a strategy and hope for the best or run from the problem hoping it will go away.

In both cases we normally find that the problems have grown and have followed us into another day.

What can we do?

Dr. Norman Wise has developed a process of solving problems which will allow you to systematically, carefully, prayerfully, and logically attack the God given potentials for growth that we call “problems”.

By learning and applying the system developed by Dr. Wise you will be able to carefully develop a personal strategy for every problem in your life. This approach works for all types of problems so it can be used for what you are facing right now.

This is a free seminar. If you register we can make sure that you have a copy of the free notes that are provided. Call 954-452-4407 to let us know you are coming.