Solving problems is part of our lives. We face problems in our own personal life, our work, and in relationships. Many times the way we solve a problem creates a problem. As we look over our lives we recognize that our reactions to problems have made things worse rather than better. But how can we solve problems effectively?

Dr. Norman Wise, Executive Director of Living Water Counseling will outline a proven path in which we can effectively and consistently solve problems. Equipped with this problem-solving process we will find that our ability to make sane, stable, and spiritual decisions will increase dramatically.

The seminar is practical and aimed to work in the real world in which we live.

The Seminar is free. There will be notes provided. Please call 954-726-2303 to register to make sure a set of notes is made for you. There will be a free-will love offering at the end of the seminar for those who would like to help support this ministry.