Sometimes what we have experienced is so filled with hurt, fear, loss, betrayal, and abuse that it grabs hold of our hearts and dominates our daily decisions and attitudes. The past is not past as far as we are concerned. We live in the pain and agony of it daily. Some of this is conscious and some unconscious.

Dr. Norman Wise will help us see how the pain of the past has created in us what are called “life commandments” or “gut beliefs” about ourselves, others, and even God. These deep heart attitudes and programs of the mind direct us daily.

So how to we overcome the impact of pain in our lives? How do we stop the past from hurting our future? Can we get a fresh start?

Dr. Wise will provide practical tools that will help us find a substantial healing from the past and begin to live fully in the present moment.

Join us on June 7th Tuesday night at 6:30 PM for this free seminar that can change your life.