Facebook Live Seminar at 5:30 PM, Saturday March 28 by Dr. Norman Wise

We will not be having a physical seminar in March 28. We will have a seminar streamed at 5:30 PM on Saturday March 28 on
How to Handle the “Virus Crisis”
This seminar with focus on handling the emotional and spiritual struggles of these times.
Plan to join us.
I will be on FACEBOOK LIVE at 5:30 PM on March 28th, next Saturday.
I will send out a link after the seminar for those who cannot see it live.
Those seeing it live can ask questions through the comment page.
This seminar will help us know how to cope with the anxiety and depression that can occur when times like the “virus crisis” occur.
Living Water Counseling is still providing counseling through remote means of video conferencing, phone, and facetime. You can get help at wherever you are at. Our office is closed for two weeks but our ministry continues.
Call us at 954-726-2302 if you need help!
Even during a health crisis people still struggle with depression, face the threat of divorce, and struggle with addictions. Our counselors are just as active now helping people as when our office is open. But is harder for people to make donations since they are not in the office. So while we are helping just as many people, the amount of funds coming from donation is going down because it is all being done remotely.
To be able to provide this help at this critical time we need your help in praying for us and giving to us a gift that will help us through this time.
You can donate by Clicking Here
Or calling –
and we will call you back to take your credit card information.
Or mailing a check to
Living Water Counseling
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