Anger is one of the most powerful emotions we feel. If we do not manage it correctly then it can cause greater harm than we can imagine. Anger can be like an atomic bomb devastating everything in our lives and leaving our relationships in ashes. At the same time if that energy can be managed well it can be used like a nuclear powered electric plant give life and light to those in our lives. So learning how to manage anger is a critical life skill. Dr. Norman Wise, Director of Living Water Counseling, will show help us understand the dynamics of anger in our lives and provide tools to help us manage our anger effectively so that we can keep it from poisoning our relationships and bringing destruction into our lives. Anger can be managed. Find out how you can learn to control your temper and turn your temper into a positive power of good in the lives of those you most love. This seminar is free. Please call Joyce at 954-726-2302 and register to make sure there will be notes for you. There will be a love offering taken at the end of the seminar.