The most difficult task we have in our lives is to love. Love is the difference between success and failure. If we live a life of love, we are a success. If we do not live a life of love, we are a failure. The reality is we don’t live in such a black and white world. We live in a life of grey. Sometimes, we love and are successful. Sometimes, we do not love and fail. Never is our love perfect. We know only substantial and partial success at loving.

Yet, it is our duty and desire to love and love well. One of the most felt needs of our lives is to love and be loved.

This seminar will help us understand the different types of love that we need have in our lives and how each one is part of God’s plan for our lives and relationships. Practical tools on how to actually begin to feel more love for others will be given.

Dr. Norman R. Wise has written on this topic in his book Learning How To Love in 27 Days. He will present here some key ideas from the book.

This is a free seminar and is open to the public.  Call 954-726-2302 to reserve your FREE Notes and seat.

There will be a free-will offering taken at the end for those who desire to express their appreciation for the seminar