Learning How To Journal
By Dr. Norman R. Wise
5:30 PM
May 9, 2020

Christina Baldwin a leader in the use of journaling said; “Journal writing is a voyage to the interior”

It has been demonstrated that making journal writing part of our life style can help us reduce stress, organize our thoughts, understand our lives, and find solutions to our problems. Journaling can help us let out destructive emotions, get rid of inner confusion, focus our minds on what is best, and seek God.

But how does one journal effectively?

Dr. Norman Wise began to journal when he was seven. In this seminar you will be encouraged to learn many different ways to journal and to find a way that will be effective for you. Each person’s way of journaling is unique.

But each person can find a way to journal that will help them better understand themselves and even grow in their understanding of God.

This is a free seminar.  You can get a digital copy of the notes by e-mailing norm@revealfellowship.com

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