Seeking happiness is something that we instinctively do. There is a superficial understanding of happiness as mere pleasure. Making the achievement of mere basic pleasures is normally a sure road to ruin. But the deeper and more profound understanding of a happiness is the experience of “wholeness” as a person. This happens as we learn to live sane,stable, and spiritual lives in the present moment while having made peace with the past and having hope for our futures.

Dr. Norman Wise will outline the path of having a happy life. The practical practices that promote happiness in our soul will be presented. The aim is to give us a healthy and holy path towards a real happiness. True happiness can only be experienced by us fulfilling God purpose and plan for our lives because that is what makes us whole.

John Piper has reflected on this when he said:

“The root of our sinfulness is the desire for our own happiness apart from God and apart from the happiness of others in God. All sin comes from a desire to be happy cut off from the glory of God and cut off from the good of others.”

True happiness come when we glorify God and give good to others and by this fulfill our destiny. So if you would like to learn how to experience true happiness join us for this time seeking real fulfillment and joy.

The seminar is free but there will be a “free will” offering taken at the end.

Call Janet at 954-726-2302 to register to make sure that a set of the free notes will be waiting for you when you arrive.