Many people claim to have faith in Christ. About 80% of the American population would say they have belief in Jesus. Yet, many do not really see any transformation in their lives due to this faith? Why is it so hard to have our faith change us? How can we not just trust our faith will save us from hell but from a life of futility? Is there a way to successfully live the Christian life which brings about substantial and real change in our thoughts, attitudes, words, and actions?

Dr. Norman Wise will provide a clear outline and practical tools towards finding a way to have faith produce real love for Christ and others. By understanding the dynamic way that God plans to share HIS very life with us in Christ we can more and more encounter the reality of the power of Christ in our daily lives. By developing a rule of life that helps us connect with the living Christ and resist the lies about success that surround us in our culture we can find ourselves experiencing a real daily transformation and reach our full potential as Christians.