Learning How To Have A Reasonable Faith – April 11th – 10 AM to Noon

Christian faith is mainly looked upon by our popular society as unreasonable. Even when Christian faith is see as having some psychological or social benefits Christian faith and faith is God is seen as an escape from reason. For most Americans the idea of a “reasonable faith” is an oxymoron.

Dr. Norman Wise will outline how we can give a reason for the hope we have in Christ Jesus. Once Dr. Wise desired to become an agnostic or atheist. Out of that struggle came a conviction that only by committing intellectual suicide could he abandon faith in Christ Jesus. Out of this struggle with Christian faith, came a perspective that faith to be strong must be reasonable.

So if you are looking of a reason for your faith or a way to give reasons for faith to others this seminar will help you be able to give an answer to one that asks you for the reason for your hope, even if the person asking the question is yourself.

Come let us reason together.

This seminar is free. There will be a free will offering opportunity provided.