“Content makes poor men rich; discontent makes rich men poor.”
Benjamin Franklin

Most of us live in an inner world where we always desire something different than what we have. Rarely do we have any feeling of satisfaction or peace with our circumstances. We are always hungering and thirsting for more. Even when we attain our dreams we then dream we want something different.

But how can we learn to be content when we don’t have what we want?

Dr. Norman Wise, will give practical tools of the process we can take within ourselves to learn contentment. Contentment is not a natural state for most human beings. But it is an inner state that can be found, nurtured, and developed. This then provides a foundation for a sane, stable, and spiritual life.

This is a free seminar. If you register we can make sure that you have a copy of the free notes that are provided. Call 954-452-4407 to let us know you are coming.