“The study of GOD’s Word, for the purpose of discovering GOD’s will, is the secret discipline which has formed the greatest characters” James W. Alexander

Most Americans think that the Bible is a good book filled with wisdom. Yet, few know how to effectively use the Bible to bring about practical change in their lives or grow spiritually. Yet, the reason God gave us the Bible was so that it would effectively change us from the inside out and we could respond in true faith to HIS revelation.

Dr. Norman Wise has been studying the Bible since 1972. During those decades he has discovered effective methods to not only understand the Bible but be transformed by the Bible. These methods can be learned and practiced by any person who desires to encounter the living Christ in the pages of Scripture. Now you can not just read the Bible but can effectively use it as a means of God’s grace to be transformed.

To reserve your seat & notes please call Joyce at 954-726-2302.  The seminar is FREE, but a love offering is always appreciated.