Co-dependency is a relationship in which one person is the “benefactor”, “caregiver”, or “parent” and the other person or persons are the “needy”, “weak” and “child”. This relationship exists between two adults.

The “parent” protects, provides, and guides the “child”. The “parent” is “paid” by getting admiration, respect, acceptance, praise, and gratitude for their role and will become very angry, frustrated, and abusive if this is not received. The “child” will feel enabled in destructive and addictive behaviors and will swing from worshiping the “parent” to “rebelling” against them. This means that the relationship is very unstable.

The “parent” can be either an aggressive self-righteous abuser or a passive suffering martyr who occasionally “explodes” out of frustration. The “parent” has a great need to control the other person in the relationship and to keep the other person “dependent” since this is how they validate their self-worth and feel secure.

So how do we avoid, get out of, and manage such complex relationships? Dr. Norman Wise, Executive Director of Living Water Counseling, will provide a clear and concrete method of dealing with co-dependent relationships and healing from them.

Please join us for this down to earth and practical discussion on struggle.