Learning How To  Effectively Communicate

Most of us recognize that the success of our relationships at home and work depend on our ability to communicate to others. However, even knowing this does not mean that we succeed at effectively hearing what others think and feel or tell others what we think and feel. While we know that communication is critical we do not know how to effectively accomplish it.

There are principles and rules of communication that can be learned by anyone. Once we have learned, applied, and committed ourselves to the use of this strategy for communication we can know that we can have effective communication in any relationship as far as it depends upon us.

Now this does not mean we can get everyone to agree with us. Good communications skills are not to be used to dominate others but to open us to real relationships with others, even when we disagree with them.

Dr. Norman Wise will outline and give practical tools that can be used in relationships both at work and in our families. If you want to communicate more effectively with the key people in your life then this seminar is for you!

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As always the “Learning How” seminars are free. There will be a free will offering taken to help us cover our expenses.