ZOOM Seminar – March 27th at 5:30 PM

God never says, “Oops!” Perhaps the most difficult thing for a spiritually-single wife to understand is that God is fully aware of her situation. Your spiritually-mismatched marriage can “mold you into someone who looks and loves more like Jesus,” Nancy Kennedy says. When an unbeliever’s wife recognizes God’s presence in her situation, she can relax. “You’ll be able to enjoy your life and that will ease tensions at home. When that happens, you won’t have to talk constantly about your faith because you’ll be living it” (from Lifeway.com article “How Spiritually Unequal Marriages Can Be Whole“).

The ideal is that people of Christian faith will marry people who share their faith.   The concept here would be two people who had substantially experienced an emotionally healthy spirituality living together in a committed relationship of marriage.  

But that ideal is often not reached for many reasons and when there is a fundamental difference in husband and wife sharing the same faith worldview this can cause a wide range of conflicts about decision making, parenting, and lifestyles.   There is also simply the concern of the believing spouse for the salvation of their unbelieving spouse. 

Now, where there is an unbeliever who is emotionally stable and deeply committed to the marriage relationship will many times be a better spouse that a believer who is emotionally and mentally unstable state.   

So there are many dynamics to know how to handle the tensions of a marriage where we are in fundamental disagreement about God, life, salvation, and truth.  

Dr. Norman Wise will outline practical  advice on how to build a healthy marriage relationship in the middle of having these fundamental differences.  

ZOOM Seminar – March 27th at 5:30 PM

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