Learning How To Be Filled with the HOLY SPIRIT

A Free Seminar by Dr. Norman Wise

ZOOM Meeting  at 5:30 PM Saturday Feb 13th.

864 1685 4185

[Eph 5:18 NASB] 18 And do not get drunk with wine, for that is dissipation, but be filled with the Spirit,

There are some experiences that are so vital to our practice of Christianity that if we have a healthy, biblical, and real encounter with the person and power of the Holy Spirit then our influence over our lives, our families, and our ministries will be successful. 

Without the person and power of the Holy Spirit being engaged in our lives so that we possess a true spirituality then all of our activity however well intended will be nothing but empty tomb which may look wonderful from the outside but inwardly only has death.  

Now no one but our Lord Jesus had a perfect experience of the person and power of the Holy Spirit.   For us we will experience this in degrees and sometimes more and sometimes less,   

Yet, by recognizing and focusing on the essential nature of this experience we can seek, ask for it, and pound the gates of heaven in hunger to be filled with the HOLY SPIRIT daily.   

Dr. Norman Wise will present a biblical and practical approach to how to seek such a personal encounter with the HOLY SPIRIT in the hopes that all of us can to a greater and greater extent know a true, substantial, and transforming experience of true spirituality.  

Please Join us on February 13 at 5;30 PM in our ZOOM room

864 1685 4185