This seminar is for anyone interested in improving their relationships using proven methods that work!.

Family Life Skills is an in-depth training and process program that we have offered for over twenty years and has transformed thousands of relationships. This seminar will show how to apply some of the key principles of that program.

For people interested in Family Life Skills or for graduates of the program this will be a good introduction and review of key skills taught in the program. It will show how to effectively stop the cycle of anger and abuse experienced by a large number of families. It will also show us how to keep our homes of origin from influencing our present relationship in a negative way.

Ready to learn or become more effective in the skills that can allow your relationship to work? Come to this seminar and you will do just that!

This seminar will be taught by Dr. Norman Wise the Executive Director of Living Water Counseling and Director of Family Life Skills of South Florida.

This seminar is free.

There will be a retiring offering taken at the end.