Forgiveness is one of the most important attitudes and actions that takes place in our relationships. It is a vital process by which we can see the reconcilation of friends and family. Without forgiveness honest, open, and long lasting relationships between struggling human beings is impossible.

But how can we forgive? How does forgiveness not become an opportunity for more hurt and abuse? How do we really reconcile with someone who has abused us? How do we let go of the righteous anger we have towards those who have treated us in hurtful and wrong ways? How can we forgive ourselves when we recognize that our own words, actions, and attitudes are hurtful and causing harm to those we love? Would forgiving ourselves open the potential that we will be less committed to doing the right things? How can we have forgiveness and not enable destructive behavior?

Dr. Norman Wise will explore the theology and practical practice of forgiveness not only in seeking reconcilation for our relationship with others but also in coming to peace with our own heart over our own failures. The teaching will be biblical, practical, and apply to not just the idea of forgiveness but the emotional reality. If you know you need to find a way to forgive others or yourself, then this seminar is for you!

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