As a person thinks in their heart so they live in their lifestyle.
All our words, actions, and attitudes are due to the beliefs, thoughts, and stories in our mind. Most of us caught these the way we did the common cold. Yet, they control our daily lives.
If we are not happy with our life and want to change it, we have to rewrite the unhealthy beliefs, thoughts, and stories that are in our mind… replacing them with healthy, balanced, and true ideas.
Dr. Norman Wise will share the methods that can be used to rewrite and renew our minds. Learning to do this can transform your life.

A free light dinner will be served at 5:00 pm at this free seminar.

Donations to help us with our expenses are always appreciated.  

You don’t have to call; just drop in…but by contacting us with an RSVP, it helps to reserve a set of notes for the seminar and lets us know whether you plan to have dinner with us.