Our lives are filled with things that cause us pressure, worry, anxiety, worry, frustration and fear.   These emotions can often be expressed in anger.  Sometimes this anger is turned inward causing depression while at other times we just explode at the people around us in the hope that we can fight our way out of the problems and pain we are facing.

Is there some way to live in a life filled with disappointments, losses, and betrayals in which we inwardly are nervous wrecks and outwardly rampaging hulks?   

Dr. Norman Wise has developed effective tools for the mind, heart, and spirit, that will help us manage our stress and control our anger.   These tools are practical and effective.    You will walk away from this seminar with new ways to live a more peaceful life both inwardly with yourself and with others in your life.

A free light dinner will be served at this free seminar.

Donations to help us with our expenses are always appreciated.  

Call 954-726-2303 to reserve a set of notes for the seminar and to let us know you will be having dinner with us. 

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