What are the three rules of having good relationships with others?




Dr. Norman Wise, Executive Director of Living Water Counseling, will outline the methods, tools, and systems that allow us to communicate effectively to the people who are most important in our lives.   His training will be based on decades of helping people communicate effectively.  

Many times we just “verbally vomit” on people attempting to express our feelings and emotions.  Normally this causes the other person to either “verbally vomit” on us or flee from the conversation.   Dr. Norm will show how we can get our feelings and thoughts out without “verbal vomit” so that the other person can be influenced to be open to what we are sharing.  

So if you would like to communicate better with the significant people in your life.  Then, this seminar is for you.  

The seminar is free.  

A free light dinner will be served at 5:00 pm at this free seminar.

Donations to help us with our expenses are always appreciated.  There will be a donation box provided for those who want to help us with a gift.  

You don’t have to call; just drop in…but by contacting us with an RSVP, it helps to reserve a set of notes for the seminar and lets us know whether you plan to have dinner with us.