Lord this day help me remember what is most important to YOU. Help me have YOUR heart and fill my head with YOUR truth.

Fill me and those in my life with YOUR Holy Spirit
Open my heart and those in my life to receive YOUR word
Give to me and those in my life true faith in Christ Jesus
Grant to me and those I love hatred of evil
Put in me and those I love a submission to YOUR will
Living Christ let me and those in my life abide in YOU
Deliver me and those I love from temptation & the devil

Lord, a time of judgment has fallen upon the whole world because of our rebellion against YOU.

As those made in YOUR image

We have murdered 60 million unborn babies since 1973
We have favored the rich over the poor
We have committed genocides murdering millions
We have violently mistreated people due to their skin color
We have allowed our children to suffer abuse
We have failed to love our neighbors as ourselves
We have failed to love YOU
We have worshipped idols we have made for ourselves
We have worshipped ourselves

We deserve to be under YOUR judgment and condemnation

So you have released a time of trouble upon us. A time of plague and discord. A time when the foundations of society are shaken. What can we do at such a time?

You have released this time of sorrow and struggle to warn us of our moral crisis.

A time for us to examine ourselves

YOU are desiring us to humble ourselves, Seek an intimate communion with YOU and turn from our wicked ways.

Lord, YOU are good, desiring to relent of judgment, long suffering, kind, just, and merciful.

Keep us from hardening our hearts
Keep us from thinking our anger can save us
Keep us from ignoring YOUR call to return to YOU
Keep us from the lies of the devil

In YOUR mercy help us.
In YOUR mercy help me.
In YOUR mercy send a revival
In YOUR mercy revive me
In YOUR mercy comfort the mourning
In YOUR mercy awaken YOUR Church
In YOUR mercy awaken me
In YOUR mercy heal
In YOUR mercy reconcile all people of all colors
In YOUR mercy give us a just peace among the “races”
In YOUR mercy raise up righteous people to lead us
In YOUR mercy save the Republic from itself

Forgive us, Forgive me for not loving YOU as I ought to love YOU and not loving others as I should love them. Forgive me my lack of faith and hope.

Forgive us, remembering YOUR suffering on the cross for our immoral thoughts, words, attitudes, and actions. Resurrected and living LORD of life, High Priest of Heaven, have sympathy and provide us grace in this time of need.

Forgive me, dear Savior and king Jesus!

Lord, have mercy, Christ have mercy, Lord have mercy! Amen