Personal Christian Counseling

What We Offer

  1. Christian pastoral counseling to deal with problems, overcome destructive emotions; heal relationships and deal with past wounds.
  2. Christian coaching aimed at giving you life skills and helps you reach your full potential.
  3. Spiritual Direction aimed at helping you understand how to live a spiritual life and to better experience the reality of God in your life.

Training in Classes and Seminars

  • Succeeding at Life Institute.  Call 954-726-2303 for details
  • “Succeeding at Life” Seminars.  Call 954-726-2303 for details.

  • “Learning How” Seminars that provide practical training on key issues for our personal and family lives. Call 954-726-2303 for a schedule of seminars. You can also bring a seminar to you in person or by video conference

Three options for how you can get one on one help.

  1. In person – At our main campus at Kings Point Plaza, 7684 N Nob Hill Road,  Tamarac, Florida 33321.
  2. By phone –  Speak to a counselor by phone or face-to-face with skype.
  3. By e-mail –  You will be given a unique e-mail that is known only to you and your counselor. This will be guided by the counselor in a process by the means of e-mail to work through your issues.


  • All Counseling is donation based.
  • No fees are charged but donations are needed.
  • There are recommended donations based on incomes to help guide you. However, we have never refused counsel to anyone due to lack of ability to pay.