Jeremiah 31:1-6

LORD, Redeemer, Creator, and the ONE who rescues. Come now and rescue us. Deliver us. We have survived, now help us to find YOUR favor and strength. YOU have been our rest, now be the one who rescues us from despair.

YOU have loved us with an everlasting love. Before the creation of the world YOU loved us. Before our creation in the womb of our mothers YOU love us. YOU have loved us outside of time and in our times. Provide me trust in YOUR love at the darkest of times.

Our sorrow has swallowed us. We have been eaten alive with losses. Greater than we could have imagined we have suffered loss. Every thought of joy returning has deserted us. We live in perpetual grief and fear of what trouble tomorrow may spawn.

Yet, you have promised to build us up. Promised to restore what the locusts have eaten. To turn the desert into a garden. To give us seasons of dancing and merry. Allowing us to know a pure joy. Help us believe YOUR promises.

We feel the futility of our struggles. Blood, sweat and tears producing little if not nothing. We sow and water, but there is no increase. Everything is barren. Famine rules over us.

Yet, you promise a day of fruitfulness, harvest, and great results. We will labor and see great impact. We will enjoy the season of harvest. We will see YOUR blessing in success from our toil.

Help us now ARISE at the calling of YOUR HOLY SPIRIT and seek first YOUR kingdom and righteousness. LORD our God, we seek YOU now. Come to us in new power and release YOUR SPIRIT fully upon us. Amen