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Self Talk To Defeat Suicide

by Dr. Norman Wise

Love of Death Self-Talk   What is self-talk?   Self-talk a person’s internal dialogue, which can be positive and motivational or negative and demotivating.   Part of this internal dialogue can be a wish for death or idealization about suicide.  How can we weaken such internal conversation?   One is to replace this focus on […]

Musings on being secular

by Dr. Norman Wise

Musings on being secular By Dr. Norman Wise I think that most people, even those who say they believe in God or even Christianity are very secular in their “Monday Morning” approach to life.  I know that it is easy for me to fall into a “secular” frame of mind. What do I mean by […]

Have a Gospel-Centered Year!

by Dr. Norman Wise

2018 January Communion First Annual Semi-Silent New Year’s Day Retreat Welcome! If you’ve arrived during a silent time…. Please grab some drinks or snacks and make yourself at home! The instructions below will guide you through the reflection time, and we will use  the space by the fireplace for conversation and prayer at some point. […]

LORD, Lead us now! (Psalm 81)

by Dr. Norman Wise

Meditation on Psalm 81 LORD, lead us to worship YOU with great passion, filled with YOU,  HOLY SPIRIT,  with integrity, and submitting to YOUR TRUTH.   May we be the type of worshipers YOU seek.  Let us gather before YOU and give you shouts of joy and songs, for YOU are our creator, redeemer, and […]

Good Shepherd, Help Us! (Psalm 80)

by Dr. Norman Wise

Meditation on Psalm 80 Great Shepherd of YOUR Church, the one that led your people in and out of Egypt like a flock, Great King of kings of all creation and nations, reveal YOURSELF in power, grace, and glory now.  Surround us with YOUR light. Stir up YOUR great might, restore us to true faith […]