Meditation on Matthew 5

Lord, I need your transforming blessing in my life.
Make me see that I am poor in spirit and need you to make me rich.

Grant me true sorrow over my sins and comfort me with your promises of forgiveness and salvation.

Help me to see myself as I am in my weakness, that you may not resist me in my pride.

Give to me a passion and drive to be holy and a person of virtue that you may make of me a righteous person.

LORD Jesus help me see the great mercy you have shown me by your sacrifice for my sins and create in me a merciful attitude towards others.

Make my heart sincere and simple so that I might understand YOU as YOU really are.

Put into my heart one that seeks to resolve conflicts and redeem relationships so that your saving love might be seen in me.

Prepare me to accept persecution from those who reject both righteousness and reason that I might effectively be restraining force against evil and a source of truth for a lost culture.

Protect me from losing my way and being corrupted by the unbelieving culture.

Lord, help me express my love for you by applying the law and prophets into my lifestyle. Help me do this without becoming self-righteous and proud. Grant me an ability to do your will on earth in humility and motivated by real admiration for YOU.

Help me seek to have peace in the relationships in my life. Help me to have a passion, to set relationships straight. Free me of bitterness and teach me to love those that hurt and oppose me.

Lord, put into me a pure attitude towards all thing sexual. Let me not be drawn into the polluted outlook of my culture. Let me see people as worthy of respect and honor. Watch over my soul and keep every aspect clean from impure thoughts or feelings.

Grant me the power to have integrity in all my speaking. Let my yes, be yes. Allow my no to be no. Let me not use your name in vain to convince people that I have an integrity that I already have because of your grace alive in me.

Lord, fill me with your grace and concern for others. Let me have an attitude of generosity and grace. Let me reflect your love for me in my love for others. Help me become mature and complete in my practice and understanding of love.

Lord, bless your Church in this hour. Awaken us to a new intensity of faith, love, and hope. Act now I pray. Pour out your Spirit upon us anew. Lord, reform, revive, renew, and restore your people in this generation. Start that awakening among the covenant children, those raised in Christian homes but who have strayed away. Touch them in ways they would never imagine they could be touched by you. Act now LORD, we need you. Come to us! Amen