What is Living Water Counseling?

Living Water Counseling is a ministry that has for thirty years provided donation based counseling to people in desperate need of finding healing for their hearts and homes through the power of Christ Jesus.

Our vision is to be a safe place where people can find healing of their hearts and homes for HIM.  The HIM is the Lord Jesus Christ.

Here is a video that explains what we do.


Living Water Christian Counseling exists to provide Christian-based, sane, and stable counseling to individuals, couples and families so that people experience life change emotionally, mentally, relationally, and spiritually.

By “Christian-based” we mean that we operate from a Christian world-view and recognize that we are all spiritual beings who were wonderfully created to be in a relationship with God. We also believe that every person is also wounded, weak, and tempted to answer lives’ problems doing wicked things.

We believe that we can also be wonderfully redeemed with Christ that can empower us with spiritual healing, new strength, and change our minds about the wisdom to answer our questions by doing wicked things. It is never perfection in this life but always direction.

Therefore, we must seek out healthy and holy processes by which we can live sane, stable, and spiritual lives.

We diligently acquire knowledge on an ongoing basis related to how people think, feel, relate and act so that we can provide effective life tools to help people gain new skills in handling the challenges of life and relationships.

“The purposes of a man’s heart are deep waters, but a man of understanding draws them out.”

Proverbs 20:5

Living Water Counseling – Statement of Faith

We believe that the Bible is the inspired, authoritative Word of God.  It is without error in all its teaching.

We believe that there is one God, Lord of the universe, eternally existent in three persons:  the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

We believe that God, as Creator, is the ultimate Owner of all possessions on earth.  God has given man the authority to be steward of those possessions and the responsibility to faithfully manage them according to the principles revealed in the Word of God.  We believe that all truth is Gods truth and is to be used for the common good of humanity and establishment of God’s kingdom.

We believe in the deity of Jesus Christ; in His virgin birth; in His perfect, sinless life; in His miracles; in His substitutionary and atoning death through His shed blood; in His bodily resurrection; in His ascension to heaven to the right hand of God the Father; and in His personal and visible return in power and glory.

We believe that all people are lost sinners and that regeneration by the Holy Spirit is absolutely essential for people to be able to believe in Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior.

We believe that salvation is a free gift of God provided through the death, burial, and resurrection of Christ Jesus and that it cannot be earned or deserved by our efforts.

We believe in the present ministry of the Holy Spirit, by whose indwelling of the Christian is able to enable us to live a godly life.

We believe all mankind will be resurrected¾those who are saved to eternal life and those who are lost to eternal damnation.

We believe in the spiritual unity of believers in our Lord Jesus Christ and in the one universal Church of Christ Jesus.