Meditation on Psalm 75

LIVING LORD of holiness, righteousness, and justice, may I be in awe of YOU and fear YOU. 

May the fear of YOU fill the every nation, tribe, people, language, and culture. 

Help me remember that is ordained for every human being to die and then face YOUR just judgment and YOU will render to each person according to their works. 

Grant me the wisdom to live daily in the light of the last day of fair and impartial judgment.  In the light that all of life and all decisions are moral and ethical.  They are either reflecting goodness or evil.  They demonstrate faith or rebellion.  There is no neutrality for YOU are to be glorified even when we eat or drink. 

YOU, living Creator are the judge of all the earth and will bring judgment upon the oppressors, tyrants, bullies, thugs, abusers, and predators.  YOU will defend the weak, helpless, and hopeless. 

Living LORD Creator Judge, have mercy on me a sinner and rebel.  Remember YOUR blood Messiah Jesus and YOUR suffering for my countless transgressions against YOUR law of love.  All of my righteousness is filthy bloody rags.  My best deeds corrupted by selfishness, self reliance, self righteousness, and pride.  I have no justification in the light of YOUR holiness.  I am an unclean man who dwells among an unclean people.  Bring to us salvation from YOUR blood stained alter or we will perish.  I will perish. 

My hope is my dear LORD Jesus, only Jesus.  Lord have mercy, Messiah have mercy, Lord have mercy.  Amen