Meditation on Psalm 53

Living and true LORD of reality who really exists and has always existed, help me be aware of YOUR living presence all around me and even in me today.

Keep me from the foolishness in which I act as if YOU were not with me, over me, under me, around me, and knowing me intimately moment by moment each and every day. Keep me from the illusion of being a secular person who does not acknowledge YOU who dwells in eternity as the ultimate reality.

LORD without YOUR help I will not understand, I will be corrupt, do abominable iniquity, and no good will come from my life at all. Holy Spirit, without YOUR intervention I will not seek the LORD.

Good Shepherd of my soul, without your moment by moment guidance I will just fall away, become corrupt, and abandon all that is good. Only YOUR involvement in my life keeps me out of total darkness.

Awaken me to see that to abuse people for my own gain and to be without prayer is a sure recipe for destruction. Help me be in terror of living selfishly and without a proper fear of YOU each moment of every day.

LORD, because of YOUR sacrifice upon the cross in my place, now forgive me and as resurrected LORD of all creation, now come and fill me with YOUR SPIRIT so that I might more and more be like YOU in all I do.

Restore the power and passion of YOUR people and bring to us a full experience of the salvation YOU have purchased for us. Renew us, revive us, and reform us that we might be effective in being the salt and light of the world bring truth, love, and holiness into the midst of our times.

Lord have mercy, Messiah have mercy, Lord have mercy Amen