Meditation on Psalm 43

Great LORD who is present and source of the right understanding of all things, now move and defend the cause of YOUR kingdom and gospel from those who would lie and promote oppression.

YOU are our refuge LORD.

Why does it seem you have forgotten us and left us? We are in mourning because of the great growth of evil and the lack of fruit from our labors. We feel oppressed and powerless.
Forgive us our many transgressions and remember us because of YOUR sacrifice on the cross with tender mercy.

Send to us a fresh wind and fire. Make YOUR presence be known and YOUR GOSPEL TRUTH empowered to create true faith and repentance. Draw YOUR people into vibrant worship of YOUR greatness and lift us up into a new revelation of YOUR great love. Fill us with joy and sincere praise of YOU. Make YOUR house a house of prayer.

Soul of my soul, now listen to me. Do not be cast down and in turmoil within me. Remember the promises of mercy given in the gospel of the Messiah and have joyful anticipation of God’s greatness, goodness, and grace.

Living LORD, may your true attributes, words, and deeds be proclaimed to all nations and may YOU be held in awe before all cultures. YOU LORD, are our salvation!

Lord have mercy, Messiah have mercy, Lord have mercy. Amen