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Aim At Making 2015 a “Gossip Free” Year!

by Dr. Norman Wise

This was a letter of instruction I wrote for my church. I felt that others may gain from it as well. 19 He who goes about as a slanderer reveals secrets, Therefore do not associate with a gossip. [Pro 20:19 NASB] 20 For I am afraid that perhaps when I come I may find you […]

John Piper on Self Control

by Dr. Norman Wise

The Fierce Fruit of Self-Control May 15, 2001 by John Piper Topic: Killing Sin Series: Taste & See Articles As the Hebrews were promised the land, but had to take it by force, one town at a time, so we are promised the gift of self-control, yet we also must take it by force.* The […]