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Learning how to change behavior

by Dr. Norman Wise

How can a person change what they do? There seems to be a conflict between what we desire and what we do. We want to lose weight but we don’t do the exercise or diet that will lead to this end. Many times our “ideal” goals are not done because our daily behavior does not […]

Outline of the Seven Keys To Happy Christian Marriage

by Dr. Norman Wise

Sometimes I just like someone to give me an outline of what it takes to do things. This helps my mind remember better than reading lots of things. So for those who like outlines here is one for the development of a happy Christian marriage. Seven Keys to Happy Christian Marriage 1. Real Personal Spirituality […]

Learning How To Prioritize

by Dr. Norman Wise

Do you ever feel overwhelmed with things to do? Is it hard to figure out what to do next? In our culture it is very hard to know when we are supposed to focus on anyone thing because all of life has become a series of double tasking moments. But at some point we are […]