Since 1990 Living Water Counseling has carried out our mission “To see ALL wounded hearts healed by the God that wildly loves us”

For over 30 years we have been offering donation based mental health counseling to individuals and families in Broward and Palm Beach Counties, Florida. We are grateful to have counseled over 12,000 households, helping them to find the underlying root issues in the way they approach life and deal with their pain. No longer repeating their abusive behavior now they are empowered to be a healthy constructive influence in their homes, families and communities.

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How To Overcome Depression

Learning How To Handle Depression Depression is a physical and psychological condition in which we feel a deep painful sense of hopelessness and lack a love for life. Depression can be caused due to a chemical imbalance in our bodies as well as a belief imbalance in our souls. It is the most common “soul […]

Successful Relationship? How?

Learning How to Have a Successful Relationship Most people who are single would like to know how to develop a relationship that would lead to a happy marriage. While no one can guarantee a happy marriage there are factors that can help. The bottom line is learn how to be sane, stable, and spiritual yourself […]

Why is it hard to admit I am wrong?

Why is it so hard to admit I make a wrong? By Dr. Norman Wise Question: I have been telling myself for months now that “I had to” do something very radical in order to survive a very difficult time. Most of my trusted friends, family, and counselors disagreed with my action. I felt very […]

Events & Seminars

Learning How To Communicate

February 29, 2020
5:30 PM - 7:30 PM

Listening is not agreeing! We must learn to disagree in an agreeable way!