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Planning A Personal Time With God

How To Plan A Spiritual Retreat I. Put it in your calendar 1. A time – half a day, a whole day, or a weekend 2. A place – Quiet, reflective, and safe II. Bring 1. A way to record your thoughts – a journal, electronic pad, computer 2. Books to reflect upon – Bible, […]

Learning How To Use Journaling To Center Our Lives

I have kept a journal since I was a child. I used those back and white composition books. I did not even know it was journaling. Writing things out just helped me. I have never been very organized in my journaling. I have about 30 or more journals saved and I don’t know how many […]

How should we as Christians respond to homosexuality

Question: Where does Living Water Counseling stand on the issue of homosexual marriage? Answer: We do not believe that people of the same sex being romantically involved or engaged in sexual activities is God’s will for their lives. We do not believe that God desires for two people of the same sex to be united […]

Events & Seminars

Family Life Skills Of South Florida

June 1, 2014 – December 31, 2014

Family Life Skills Of South Florida A Process of Healing Hearts & Homes Where is your life’s road leading you? Are you happy with where you are going?  Want to change your behavior to become a more calm and contented person? Family Life Skills helps you your value systems to encourage personal growth. Our process uses […]

Learnin How To Forgive Others and Myself

September 20, 2014
10 AM -12 PM

Forgiveness frees us from bitterness. It always us to become better. Forgiveness is the only way that we can have long lasting relationships here “East of Eden”!