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Welcome to Living Water Christian Counseling Center.

Our mission is to see all wounded hearts healed

by the God who wildly loves us.

From the Blog

LORD, of light and truth come to us! (Psalm 43)

  Meditation on Psalm 43 Great LORD who is present and source of the right understanding of all things, now move and defend the cause of YOUR kingdom and gospel from those who would lie and promote oppression. YOU are our refuge LORD. Why does it seem you have forgotten us and left us? We […]

Lord, keep us leaving the faith (Jude)

  Meditation on Jude Lord, help me remember that I am your bond servant today and help this define and direct all the words and actions I take today. Thank you for loving me, protecting me, and calling to me to have faith. Pour out YOUR mercy, peace and love into my life and heart. […]

Lord, defend me! (Psalm 43)

Meditation on Psalm 43 LORD, defend me as I defend YOUR will on earth and YOUR kingdom. Let those who oppose the gospel either be converted or crippled in their power to do harm and persecute. LORD, YOU are my refuge, fortress, and safe place. Help me in the darkness of being abused to see […]

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